9th September 2020: We discuss the work we have been doing in response to the climate and ecological emergency. The presentation is part of The Transition Town Initiative’s “What is. What If. What Next?” – a series of conversations considering how to bounce forward (not back) from a tumultuous 2020 to a sustainable zero carbon future.

29th June 2020: A screening of the ClimateRaceFilm, a film discussing the challenges we face in the UK to transform our society and economy, and build a thriving carbon zero future for all.

11th May 2020: We will be on-line for our next event to discuss “The Flip”, a film that explores how we might move on from the shock of the Coronavirus Pandemic to develop a more resilient and sustainable society.

26th January 2020: A screening of George Monbiot’s provocative short film “Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed The Planet” – first shown on Channel 4 on January 8th. The programme highlights how current methods of meat production are unsustainable in view of a growing global population.

17th November 2019: A screening of “The Need to Grow”, an award-winning documentary from 2018, directed by Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick, delivering alarming evidence on the state of our soil.

13th November 2019: A presentation by Andrea Carnevali, the driving force behind Chiswick Oasis, a project instigated to drastically improve the air quality of St Mary’s School, Chiswick.

13th October 2019: Lammas Park Enclosure – A big thank you to everyone tree planting today in Ealing Transition’s award winning Lammas Park Enclosure.

29th September 2019: Liveable Neighbourhoods Ealing – Discussing how we can encourage people to move away from journeys by car, onto more sustainable forms of transport, like buses and trains, and how can we green our streets and make our urban environment more hospitable for us and for wildlife?

20th September 2019: London School Strike for Climate at Millbank.

30th June 2019: A Summer Climate Conversation – celebrating what we have achieved so far, and taking inspiration for the next steps.

26th June 2019: The Time is Now Mass Lobby – Climate March on Parliament.

12th May 2019: The Climate Emergency in Ealing – Practical Steps: Our Action plan for a Zero Carbon Ealing in 2030.

24th March 2019: 12 years to save the planet next steps: further discussions following our open space event in February.

12th February 2019: Ealing Transition’s Open Space event: 12 years to save the planet. We were joined by Dr Neil Jennings of the Grantham Insititute discussing the co-benefits of climate action.

18th November 2018: The third event in our sustainable cities series.

30th September 2018: the Mayor’s Environment Strategy, presented by Dr Katherine Drayson of the GLA


15th July 2018: Sustainable Cities Part 1

Eco-City (6)

13th May 2018: Permaculture Evening. ‘Anima Mundi’ plus Graham Burnett


18th March 2018: Maddy Harland


4th February 2018: An Inconvenient Sequel


November 19th 2017 Plastic Paradise


March 19th and May 21st 2017 Tomorrow


January 29th 2017 Before the Flood


October 30th 2016 Air Pollution Event with Prof Frank Kelly


September 18th 2016 Inhabit


June 5th 2016 Ethiopia Rising


April 24th 2016: the Divide


March 13th 2016: Earth’s Lawyer


January 24th 2016: This Changes Everything


November 29th 2015: Climate March

November 17th 2015: Solar Schools Launch

November 15th 2015: DIRT The Movie plus Organic Fair


October 18th 2015: Sustainable Sunday

June 21st 2015: RE: POWER event

May 17th 2015: Film

cowspiracy poster

April 26th 2015: Pre-Election Environmental Question Time


March 22nd 2015: Film

switch poster

March 7th 2015: Climate March

ETI at rally

February 15th 2015: Film


January 18th 2015: Film


December 14th 2014: Film


November 16th 2014: Event – Re-imagining Ealing’s Future

October 11th 2014: Community Fayre


September 21st 2014: People’s Climate March

ETI at rally

August 29th 2014: Film


July 20th 2014: Film


May 18th 2014: Film


April 8th 2014: Green Redeem Launch


Mar 29th 2014: Planting Day

Orchard Planting

Mar 16th 2014: Film: Gasland 2

Gasland 2

Jan 26th 2014: Film (Best Before) & Food Event


Dec 1st 2013: Chris Johnstone Active Hope Event

Chris Johnstone

Nov 27th 2013: Edible Ealing Celebration Event


Nov 23rd 2013: Passivhaus Open Event


Oct 19th 2013: Third Re-Skilling Day


Sept 15th 2013: Film (with Ealing Friends of the Earth)

more than honey

July 14th2013: Film & Open Meeting


May 12th 2013: Film


April 24th 2013: Green Fayre @ Rackspace


March 24th 2013: Film


Jan 27th 2013: Film

farm future

12th December 2012: Christmas Party

mulled wine

21st October 2012: Lammas Orchard Work Day

Orchard Entrance

22nd September 2012: Second Reskilling Day

15th July 2012: Film

17th June 2012: Orchard Day & Foraging Walk

Sam Sender leads our Foraging Walk in Pitshanger Park

16th June2012: Hanwell Carnival

Our stall at Hanwell Carnival was hosted by our Gardening and Bee groups.

28th May 2012: Talk: ‘NATURE DEFICIT’ by Mathew Frith


27th May 2012: Film

in trans 2

22nd April 2012: Film


4th March 2012: Film


12th February 2012: Heathfields Community Orchard


15th January 2012: Film


11th December 2011: Film


13th November 2011: Film


1st October 2011: Reskilling Family Day


11th September 2011: Film

Carbon Nation

17th July 2011: Film


18th June 2011: Hanwell Carnival

15th May 2011: Film


19th March 2011: Open Space: Zero Carbon Ealing

5th March 2011: Lammas Community Orchard

27th Feb 2011: Open Space

30th January 2011: Film

14th November 2010: Film & talk by Tony Palmer


19th October: Renewable Energy Conference

12th September 2010: Film


19th June 2010: Hanwell Carnival

20th May 2010: Talk. Hannah Thorogood:  Introduction to Permaculture

18th April 2010: Film

March 2010: Ealing Transition Community Garden

14th March 2010: Film

26th January 2010: Talk. Patrick Holden – Can Britain Feed Itself?

13th December 2009: Film

21st November 2009: Local Food Event

11th October 2009: Film

13th September 2009: Film

July 12th 2009: Film

14th June 2009: Film

Early 2009: Formation

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