Solar Schools

Ealing Transition have been working with Ealing Council and the Schools’ Energy Co-operative since 2016 to place solar panels on local schools. These provide about a third of the school’s overall electricity, reduce the schools’ electricity bills, and their carbon footprint. More importantly, we are demonstrating that a decentralised, fossil-fuel free energy system is possible.

Ealing Transition members have provided the funds for the panels, and at the time of writing are getting a 4.5% return on their investment. Ealing schools are pooled with other schools around the country, then funds are raised through share issues. Our latest share issue has raised over 640,000. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, you can find out more at

Panels have so far been placed on Grange, Castlebar, Horsenden, Mandeville, Fielding, Lady Margaret, Wood End, Wolf Fields and Drayton Green schools. The project is ongoing, with more schools in the pipeline.

Wood End

Wood End School


Horsenden School

Grant and Andy were invited to meet Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor of London and Councillor Julian Bell, head of Ealing Council to showcase two of our solar schools, Mandeville and Horsenden. We were the first London Community Energy Fund round one project to complete, and first to receive round two funding.

Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy Shirley Rodrigues and Cl
Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy Shirley Rodrigues and Cllr Julian Bell (Leader of Ealing Council) unveiling two sets of solar panels at Mandeville and Horsenden schools. These are funded with help from the Mayor’s London Community Energy fund which aims to supply London will more local clean energy. 18th October 2018






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