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Data & Privacy 

Ealing Transition Initiative has agreed the following policy in response to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Data and Privacy Policy for Ealing Transition Initiative (ETI)

ETI is a community group which promotes sustainable living within the local community of Ealing. We encourage local people who are interested in this issue to sign up to our e-mail list in order that they can be informed about our activities and ideas. We use Mail Chimp for this purpose.

1. Addition to our e-mail list is either done by data subjects themselves online, via the Mail Chimp system which requires their expressed consent, or via a paper ‘sign-up’ sheet used to gather addresses at events. This sheet is self-completed by data subjects and states the terms of use. E-mail addresses from sign up forms are entered onto the ETI Mail Chimp system by one of 3 data controllers, all of whom are members of the ETI Steering Group.

2. All paper records will be destroyed once data is entered onto the Mail Chimp system.

3. Data subjects can request to be unsubscribed at any time. The offer to unsubscribe is a part of all our communication through which automatic deletion of their data record can be accessed via Mail Chimp. Direct requests to ETI to be removed from our e-mail list can be made via our webpage contact address which is monitored by our data controllers who will delete data as requested within 2 weeks.

4. No data subject information other than e-mail addresses will be kept by ETI.

5. Data, i.e. e-mail addresses, will only be used by ETI to inform data subjects of ETI news, events and related relevant information and will never be passed to any other third party or organisation.

6. Any photographs or images of people attending ETI events will only be used with expressed and recorded permission.

7. In the event of the Steering Group of ETI deciding to dissolve the organisation, all data on our Mail Chimp account will be deleted and the account closed within 6 months, following notice to all data subjects of this intention.

8. This policy will be reviewed every 2 years by the ETI Steering Group.

Agreed by ETI Steering Group on 17th May 2018

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