Beeshare (Community Bees)

Beeshare is the latest initiative from the Ealing Transition Community Garden.


It is run along Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) principles, with members buying ‘shares’ in the hive in return for a future share of the honey (subject to the right weather conditions and a not inconsiderable amount of luck!)

See our Community Bees Blog to catch up with the latest buzz!

One thought on “Beeshare (Community Bees)”

  1. Friends of the Earth UK suggested I write a song for their bees campaign – hope you like it.
    Best wishes,

    Bees song
    (To the tune of All Through The Night)

    Bees are buzzing, pollinating
    All through the day
    Constructing hives, honey making
    All through the day
    But we make their lives confusing
    Neonicotinoids using
    They get ill, our food we’re losing
    All through the day

    Wild insects pollen blending
    All through the day
    So that plants can be unending
    All through the day
    But monoculture ploughs are slashing
    It’s their habitats we’re trashing
    And their numbers they are crashing
    All through the day

    Farmers need our help for sowing
    All through the day
    Wildlife friendly meadows growing
    All through the day
    Help the bees to stop withdrawing
    Harmful chemicals outlawing
    Organic farms need restoring
    All through the day

    Lyrics by Oliver Swingler – version 1.3
    Making Waves choir, Cullercoats, UK

    Ps. Maybe not quite right – perhaps needs a slight edit – any suggestions?!

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