Climate Change means we will have to re-imagine the way we use energy, and therefore   the way we source our food, design our buildings, generate power, and more. We must also work out what skills will be necessary to help us do this.

The Transition Towns movement was born out of the conviction that human beings are incredibly resourceful and if we start planning now, the transition to a more resilient future will be not only less painful, but more enjoyable.

Ealing Transition Initiative has been set up with the following aims:

  • To spread awareness of climate change and future energy challenges, and motivate people to change accordingly;
  • To describe a low energy future and plan how to get there;
  • To help build Ealing’s self-reliance in areas such as food, energy, jobs, community and economy
  • To act as a focal point / hub for the people of Ealing to exchange ideas and skills.

For further information please see the following

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