Personal Action Plan

The personal action plan was created at one of our events. Whilst there is only so much the individual can do, nevertheless many of these actions can make a considerable difference if enough people carry them out.

Personal action plan for sustainable living.

  1. Switch to a renewable energy provider such as Good Energy or Ecotricity.
  2. Reduce meat eating, which has a great climate impact.
  3. Buy local produce & organic where possible – West Ealing Farmers Market, Organic for the People, Northfields Organic, As Nature Intended.
  4. Bank with an ethical bank; save & invest in a sustainable future –  Triodos Bank, Ethex, Abundance, Energy 4 All, Cooperative Bank.
  5. Check pension fund, savings and investments are ethical and positive – ShareAction, People & Planet.
  6. Reduce energy use, drive less, walk more, turn down heating and insulate.
  7. Re-use, share, repair, donate & recycle – Nextdoor, FreeCycle, Trash Nothing.
  8. Contribute to local community groups who are strengthening the local community – Ealing Transition, Southall Transition, ETI Community Garden, West Ealing Neighbours, Ealing Extinction Rebellion.
  9. Support campaigns for sustainable living – Ealing Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund,
  10. Make a unique contribution drawing on personal interests and skills.

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