Plastic has been a miraculous substance, but it is now everywhere and is dangerously clogging up our oceans and green spaces. In the UK we use around 40 million plastic bottles a day. Only half of these are recycled, meaning 20 million bottles a day end up in land fill, are burnt, or end up in the sea, where they break up into smaller pieces, entering the food chain, and affecting local ecosystems. Plastic bags, cutlery, coffee cup lids, all add further to the problem, and plastic production is expected to increase further in years to come. Drastically cutting back on plastic usage has become an urgent priority.

Here are some ways you can help.


Taking what you need with you, and refusing plastic products when offered to you, means you can greatly reduce your reliance on plastic. LessPlastic is a South Devon based organisation that aims to help both individuals and businesses cut back. They also provide great infographics so that you can easily spread the word!


Much of our need for plastic arises from our desire for bottled water or other drinks. Taking water with you, or finding a water fountain from which you can drink all help to reduce plastic use. Refill is a grass roots movement that aims to reduce plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill your own bottle with water. They provide an app for Android and Apple.

Water Fountains

Encourage your local authority to install more water fountains. The Mayor for London scheme promises to allocate funding to increase the number of water fountains over London.


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