Ealing Transition’s Climate Hustings 24 April 2022

Ealing Transition’s climate hustings were enthusiastically attended, with more than 100 people filling the rows of St Mary’s church eager to hear candidates from the Lib Dems, Labour, the Conservative, and the Green Party share inspiration and serious ideas for tackling the climate and ecological emergency in Ealing.

We are grateful to Cllr Andrew Steed (Liberal Democrats), Cllr Deidre Costigan (Labour), Cllr Julian Gallant (Conservative), and Dr Kate Crossland (Green Party) for attending the event on behalf of their parties, and spend their evening with us.  We were also delighted to have as our chair, Dame Alice Hudson, Chief Executive of Twyford CofE Academy Trust.

Ealing Transition make this statement in line with good practice as indicated in Electoral Commission documents: “There are many candidates standing in this borough election. We have chosen to invite 4 from the major national political parties: Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green Party. We consider that the candidates we have invited, represent views from across the political spectrum and that we have shown impartiality. We have invited as many candidates as our resources and time allow and hope for a wide ranging debate“.

A summary of the questions asked, and the main ideas explored as answers, is available here. We have kept the summary general and unattributed to avoid the appearance of any political affiliation and to focus on the solutions that are available to us to address the climate and ecological emergency. Links to the manifestos of the respective parties are included.

Sunday 24th April 2022 – Climate Action Themed Election Hustings

Ealing Transition Initiative invites you to a Climate Action themed local council Election Hustings, on Sunday 24th April at 7.30 at St Mary’s Church, South Ealing.

Our local council elections are to be held on 5th May. All council seats are up for election.

In February 2019, Ealing Council unanimously passed a declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency, with all party support. Subsequently, and with community support and input, the current administration has created a Climate and Ecological Action Plan which has been passed by the full Council.

This is an opportunity for you as local electors to ask representatives of the four main parties contesting this election about their plans and commitments for effective local climate action and enable you to inform your choice for the vote for 5th May.

The Hustings will follow the BBC Question Time structure, with you submitting your question in advance and if selected, being prepared to ask it in person. Each party representative will then have an opportunity to respond.

We are delighted to have a respected independent chair for the evening, Dame Alice Hudson, Chief Executive of Twyford CofE Academy Trust which is responsible for four secondary schools in Ealing.

Please send any question you wish to ask on this theme to steering@ealingtransition.org.uk

Sunday 20th March 2022, 7.30pm – Breaking Boundaries

Join us on 20th March 2022 at 7.30pm for a screening and discussion of “Breaking Boundaries”, a film featuring Swedish Scientist Johan Rockstrom and David Attenborough. Johan Rockstrom has spent a lifetime looking at our planetary system, asking himself what has made it stable enough to support humanity’s rapid development over the past 10000 years, and what it means now that humanity has left this zone of stability behind. This is an evocative and poignant look at humanity’s impact on our planet, and what we need to change to ensure a liveable future for ourselves. The film lasts just over an hour. Please join us before 7.30pm for a prompt start on the half hour. After the film, there will be time for refreshments and discussion.

Venue: St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Rd, London W5 5EX

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