Community Orchard

In February 2011 local children planted 21 fruit trees in the overgrown tennis courts in the Lammas Enclosure, between Lammas and Walpole Parks. The project was very kindly funded by Ealing & Brentford Consolidated Charities (now Pathways and supported by Ealing Council Parks Department and Rangers.

Trees 2

Ealing Transition volunteers have also taken on the management of the area, balancing the twin needs of keeping the brambles in check with preserving natural habitats.

Grim Reaper

We are happy to report that all 21 trees are thriving. As of spring 2012 the plum trees are all bearing fruit, and the more mature apples and pears should also do so this year.

The nearby Edible Garden encourages local children to grow and harvest vegetables. Local residents are free to help themselves to produce, and take advantage of our ever popular ‘pick of the week’

In 2015 we added ten mature trees at the other end of Lammas Enclosure, including Mulberry, Quince, Medlar and more

There are occasional work days in the orchard – see our newsletter for the next one

If you know of a site which might be suitable for an orchard and would like help in making it happen, contact us.

Heathfield Community Orchard

In February 2012 we worked with the London Orchard Project and the Mill Hill Park Residents association to plant another orchard in the Heathfield nature reserve, adjacent to Acton High School. On a very cold day members of West Ealing Neighbours Abundance and Ealing Council also gave their time.


The London Orchard Project is a charity dedicated to establishing new fruit-growing spaces across London. You can find out more about them at

There is more information about the Orchard on the Mill Hill Park Residents’ Association website Please contact them direct if you would like to get involved in looking after the trees and future plantings.

Walmer Gardens Orchard Restoration

Ealing Transition members have also helped with the restoration of the Walmer Gardens orchard in West Ealing. This was again facilitated by the London Orchard Project, and initiated by WEN Abundance. Abundance maps and harvests fruit trees around Ealing – more details at

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