Energy Advice

thermal-view-houseWhile it is important to produce our energy in the cleanest way possible, it is equally important not to waste it.

Again in co-operation with Ealing Council, we now have funding through SWLEN for to give schools energy advice.

We are focussing on low-cost options for schools to reduce their energy use, and hence reduce their carbon emissions. We look at the building fabric, heating systems and controls, and behavioural change. Then we install simple energy-saving equipment like radiator foil and door and pipe insulation, along with energy monitors including temperature loggers.

We also make recommendations on potential energy-saving changes in behaviour, like optimising heating timers and controls, reducing heat loss through open doors and windows, and switching off equipment when not in use. For more major improvements such as heating system upgrades, loft insulation and double-glazing, we make recommendations and provide estimates of annual energy cost savings to help schools and /or the Council justify potential capital expenditure.

We are looking for additional volunteers to help with this initiative. Some practical experience or knowledge of energy efficiency is preferable, but we provide training, and welcome anyone who is reasonably practical with perhaps some DIY experience. Each visit is carried out by two people, one of whom will always be an experienced energy assessor. We then prepare a report, and present this to the school (most often to the building manager). Usually there will be some further follow-up, perhaps analysing energy consumption or temperature logger data, or fitting simple thermal insulation.

If you are interested in being a volunteer energy assessor, please drop a line to

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