Climate Emergency Action Plan

Thank you to everyone who came to our event on 12 May 2019 and to all those who shared their insights for making Ealing carbon neutral by 2030. It was a fantastic evening, drawing on the most powerful resources available to us: our imaginations and creativity!

We have collected together all of the great ideas and formed them into a Climate Emergency Action Plan . This details the actions we can take as a community over the next 10 years to reduce our carbon emissions to zero. We will be sending this action plan to Ealing Council and will be offering to work closely with our councillors to make a zero carbon future a reality for Ealing.

The Council has made a bold declaration of a climate emergency and we as a community can endorse this through both our actions and our words. In the first instance, please write to Julian Bell, the leader of the council, as well as your three local councillors (who also voted unanimously to pass the declaration) to congratulate Ealing Council and show your support. We have produced a draft Climate Response E-mail that you might like to use – do adapt or use your own words if you prefer.

If you are not sure who your local councillors are, you can find out from Ealing Council’s website here.