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Sunday 21st May 7.30pm. ‘Tomorrow’ part 2


We hope you can join us for our next event, a showing of part 2 of ‘Tomorrow’, followed by responses from Jo Winter, Chair of Governors at Grange Primary School, and Cllr Binda Rai. As with our showing of the first part of ‘Tomorrow’, there will also be an opportunity for general discussion and sharing of ideas.

Known as ‘Demain’ in France, this French documentary has now been seen by more than 1.5m people and is currently showing in 29 countries. It is a positive, affirmative and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions to environmental problems. It is arranged into 5 chapters: food, energy, economics, democracy and education. On 21st May we will show the sections focussing on democracy and education. We hope that, with the film and responses from Binda Rai and Jo Winters as a starting point, we can develop a really fruitful discussion about what can be done locally to provide a better future in the face of global challenges.

Although there is much to be proud of with education in London, it is not surprising that many people are questioning current educational priorities with problems emerging such as increasing numbers of children suffering from stress at school and needing mental health support. The film shows ways that established approaches and priorities can be revised  and we hope it will prove thought-provoking for everyone who sees it.

Democracy is also in a problematic place with low turnouts for elections and cynicism about politicians. The models shown in ‘Tomorrow’ point to ways of moving towards a more inclusive approach.

The event will be held at St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Road, Ealing W5 5RH. Entry is free, but donations to help us cover costs will be welcome. We are also going to continue our book exchange pilot, so if you have any unwanted books exploring environmental issues, do bring them along!


‘Demain’ Follow-Up

On the 19th March we showed the award winning film, ‘Tomorrow’ (aka ‘Demain’) which told the story of a sustainable future, if we choose to heed the ideas of those featured in the film who are already building a liveable world in the areas of sustainable food, energy and economy.

We decided to show the first 3 ‘chapters’ of the film in order to have time to discuss and explore the ideas ourselves and a lively discussion we had! We had already worked up ideas for a Personal Action Plan from our recent events and shared this too. It demonstrates how every one of us has the power to make a contribution and a difference through our personal actions and engagement with our friends and neighbours.

We plan to show the second half of the film, focussing on education and democracy, on 14th May.

In the meantime, check what you can do to build a better world by looking at our Personal plan and consider what you would like Ealing Council to take action about locally. Residents are being invited to submit issues of concern for the Borough Scrutiny Panels before 28th April by e-mail to

Ealing Transition Initiative have facilitated awareness and discussion of a number of issues over the past year including air quality, local renewable energy and sustainable, healthy food. You may share some of the concerns and proposals which have arisen from these events and may wish to request priority be given to supporting a healthy community.