Climate Emergency: Update

On 11 July 2019, Ealing Transition joined Ealing Council’s Oversight and Scrutiny committee. We were encouraged that the committee had been provided with our Climate Emergency Action Plan document (developed at our May meeting and available here) as part of its briefing papers. At the meeting last week, Ealing Transition put a number of specific challenges to the committee, including:

• (1) to fully understand the size and nature of the challenges we all need to address in reducing carbon emissions in Ealing to zero in 11 years, by 2030 and to restore the natural systems upon which we all depend

• (2) to take action that is commensurate with the scale and urgency of these challenges. Actions must be sufficient to meet the necessary target.

• (3) to take leadership in explaining to and educating the wider community in understanding the need for radical action.

• (4) to engage the whole community in sharing responsibility for taking and supporting the steps needed. Only through real engagement will acceptance and involvement happen, not solely through top-down solutions.

Work will be carrying on over the Summer, and we look forward to bringing you updates soon. In the meantime, we urge Ealing Council to be ambitious in its proposals.