Ealing Schools Community Energy Share Offer Now Open

Ealing Transition is working again with the Schools’ Energy Co-operative and Ealing Council to install solar panels on local schools, giving them reduced electricity bills and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Thanks to a £15,000 Grant from the Mayor’s London Community Energy Fund, we have been able to progress a further six schools for installation this summer. More are planned for late 2018 and early 2019.

Schools Energy Co-op has opened a share offer to raise £500,000 by 18th September. The share offer is open to everyone and will pay back an estimated annual return of 4.5%

If you would like to invest in this initiative, you can download a copy of the Share Offer Document at www.schools-energy-coop.co.uk. The minimum investment is £100. If you have any questions, please contact steering@ealingtransition.org.uk

This project forms part of our ongoing effort to work towards a fossil fuel-free, decentralised energy future. It is also an opportunity for local people to invest in their community and to play a part in a greener, more sustainable world.

The full press release can be read below

PRESS RELEASE Share Offer Open Schools Energy

Please note

Ealing Transition are marketing and managing this project locally but are not legally involved. You will be dealing directly with the Schools Energy Co-op, an established social enterprise which has successfully installed community-funded solar panels on 36 schools throughout the UK.

We are obliged to say that this is a long term investment in shares to deliver an environmental and social impact as well as a financial return. As with any investment product, your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable.