Film showing: The Divide (different venue!)

Sunday 24th April 7:00pm

We hope you can join us for a screening of ‘The Divide’, followed by refreshments and discussion. Based on the critically acclaimed, best-selling book ‘The Spirit Level’, ‘The Divide’ tells the story of 7 individuals striving for a better life in modern day US and UK – where the top 0.1% owns as much as the bottom 90%. Director Katharine Round has commented: ‘I hope that the film provides a powerful wake-up call to those who believe that economics has no bearing on the way we live, or that mathematics cannot tell us anything beyond a mere correlation. I also hope it enables us to understand inequality without the ties of a particular set of political colours, which so often muddies debate in this area’.

As the film has its general UK release this April, we are lucky to get an early screening in Ealing. Run-time is 74 minutes. Post-film discussion will consider campaign opportunities in Ealing and there will be a chance to reflect on how the inequality that divides us hampers our ability to live sustainably. 

This film night will take place at the Ealing Quaker Meeting House at 17 Woodville Road, Ealing, W5  2SE and not at our usual venue of St Mary’s Church as previously advertised. Please note also that the event starts at 7:00pm and not at our usual start time of 7:30pm. Entry is free, but donations towards costs will be welcomed.