Actions from An Inconvenient Sequel

Thanks to all who attended our showing of ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’. The action areas we explored as a group after the film included the following

1. Divestment from fossil fuels. Focus on Council, unions, pension funds. Check campaign & Share Action UK
2. Tree planting. Local opportunities + promoting the ‘coolness’ of pro-sustainability behaviours such as recycling, energy saving, use of renewables.
3. Solar churches campaign + solar schools. Mobilising local support for these through membership participation.
4. Council sustainability policy influence. Connection with Ealing Civic Society. Joint approach?
5. Promoting sustainable travel, not just switch to electric cars
6. Home insulation grant restoration campaign.
7. Air Quality campaigning. Contribute to Mayor of London ULEZ consultation, ending 28th Feb
8. Energy saving by business, e.g. ‘closed door’ policy by shops through consumer pressure.