‘Before the Flood’ film event, Sunday 29th January 2017


Thanks to all who attended our showing of ‘Before the Flood’ presented by Leonardo Di Caprio. It was an excellent film and the 50+ people who attended took time afterwards to discuss their reactions, feelings and ideas in response to it.


Below is a summary of the ideas shared to address the concerns highlighted in the film in order to slow down climate change and its consequent disruptions.


They are a mixture of personal actions, community initiatives and broader changes.


·         Simplify our lives with less consumption & waste, to reduce energy & materials use.


·         Reduce meat eating, particularly beef which has the greatest climate impact


·         Switch to a renewable energy provider such as Good Energy or Ecotricity.


·         Support local community energy schemes. E.g Ealing Transition’s schools solar projects.


·         Ensure we are well informed and connected to wider campaigns e.g. through Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth & Avaaz.


·         Support campaigns for a carbon tax to ensure the full cost of fossil fuels are addressed.


·         Campaign for improvements to air quality in Ealing as a means of pollution & energy reduction. See ETI’s ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ document on our website.


·         Avoid buying damaging products, e.g. containing palm oil & support boycott campaigns e.g. Greenpeace.


·         Lobby local business for responsible & sustainable behaviour in products on sale.


·         Campaign for better community and school education on Climate Change. e.g. promote further showings of this film.


‘Before the Flood’ is available to show free via the internet as a National Geographic film.


Our next event will be a showing of the film ‘Demain’ (‘Tomorrow’) on Sunday 19th March. This film explores some of the solutions being developed by communities to the challenges of Climate Change.