Call for volunteers: Edible Ealing box scheme

Ealing’s locally sourced ethical veg box scheme, Edible Ealing, has been operated by the same group of volunteers for the past four years. Despite gaining a huge amount from the experience the volunteers feel it is time to hand over the reins to a new group or individual who can move the scheme on to its next incarnation.

The work involves sourcing, growing, selecting, ordering and marketing a profitable sustainable organic whole food business. You are also helping the community to look at food in a new and exciting way, and enabling a move away from processed supermarket produce towards locally sourced foodstuffs and vegetables.

 We currently operate fortnightly so the time commitment is approx. 3/4 days over a 14 day period. If you feel you can commit to ordering, packing, accounting and marketing this exciting project please contact us by email or visit Edible Ealing Box Scheme for more information.