Would you like to invest in solar schools in Ealing? 

Ealing Transition is working with Ealing Council and the Schools Energy Co-operative to install solar panels on several Ealing Schools, reducing carbon emissions and giving local schools reduced electricity bills.

Schools Energy Co-op has opened a share offer to raise £700,000 by 30th November. You can invest tax efficiently in this share offer (a credit of 30% of the sum invested against your tax bill) and get an annual return of around 5%

If you are interested in investing in this initiative (minimum £250), please read the flyer Schools Co-operative Launch Leaflet. The full share offer document can be found at http://schools-energy-coop.co.uk

Why now, and why so quickly?

The government has decided that it no longer wants to support renewable energy and has slashed the various forms of support introduced by the previous coalition government. This includes a drastic reduction to the feed-in-tariff, and ending tax relief for this kind of investment at 4 weeks’ notice.

Working since early this year with Ealing Council, we have pre-registered a number of Ealing schools and protected the feed-in tariff until September 2016. Tax relief, however, ends on 30th November, so if you want to invest, BACS payments must be received by 27th November and cheque payments by 24th November. There may be a further opportunity to invest later, however there will be no tax relief.

What are you investing in?

Ealing school sites have been pooled with a number of other schools located around the UK: you will be investing in that pool. The exact Ealing schools to be included in the scheme will be decided over the next few weeks. It is not possible at this stage to invest directly into an individual school.

You will be dealing direct with The Schools Energy Co-op, who have run two offers like this previously and have substantial experience of this sector. Ealing Transition are marketing and managing this locally but are not legally involved at this stage.

Please note

We are obliged to say that this is a long term investment in shares to deliver an environmental and social impact as well as a financial return. As with any investment product there are risks. Your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable.

We hope this will be of interest to some of you. Again, full details at http://schools-energy-coop.co.uk. If you have any questions, please contact steering@ealingtransition.org.uk and we will do our best to answer.