Another Year in Transition

The end of July always marks the end of Ealing Transition’s ‘year’: it’s when we hold our “AGM”, and, as well as looking forward to the things we want to achieve in the next twelve months (and beyond), it’s also good to look back and see what we’ve achieved in the last twelve, and make sure that we “celebrate our successes”.

July  2013-2014 was another busy year for us; amongst the highlights, we held our Third Re-Skilling Day, started our Forest Garden (which will appear in our reviews for many years to come!), held energy saving events, maintained our allotment, orchard, wildlife-friendly flowerbed, and held regular film showings. There was more besides: the Chris Johnstone talk, Edible Ealing’s 1st Birthday, Cosmetic making with produce from our Community Bees, and a whole bunch of pizza making (and eating) down at Village Park to name but a few.

To put it all in context, we’ve knocked up a wizzy time-line thingy for your enjoyment!

Ealing-Transition-2013-2014Actually, putting it in context is what it does well: on the time-line we’ve also included some of the climate and energy news events of the last twelve months – it’s amazing how quickly you forget that, for instance, winter 2013/2014 was the wettest on record, with the UK battered by storms for much of it, not to mention the continued CO2 and temperature records, the Balcombe anti-fracking protests and energy price hikes…

Whether you’re off on your holidays, or staying at home, we hope you enjoy the rest of the summer; if you are around town, please drop by the Orchard or Allotment to see them in their glory,  but otherwise, we’ll see you in September, when, amongst other things, we’ll be gearing up to our “Community Fayre” event on 11th October, put that in your diary, and watch out for more details!