Green Redeem

Green redeem ( is an internet-based initiative which rewards people for taking everyday green actions, like recycling. With the backing of Ealing council, it has just launched locally. In other parts of the country, councils have reported a 30% increase in recycling rates after the launch of the scheme.


Once you are registered (note: one per household) you can receive points for your efforts, and redeem these for rewards at local shops and businesses.

Alternatively you can donate your points to a local community group! Ealing Transition has been accepted as a beneficiary of the scheme, specifically to fund the cost of distributing the Transition Free Press, a newspaper devoted to positive stories about the nationwide effort to create a sustainable future.  

If you would like to help us, when you log on to become a member, just use the ‘Advocate ID’ for Ealing Transition which is AYE. When you join, you will be given 100 points. By using the Advocate ID, ETI will get 25 points per subsequent log on. Each week you recycle, you log on, click to report your action and gain 10 more points. To donate your points to ETI, log on to your Green Redeem account & click on ‘Donations’ at the top of the page. You will see that you can earn additional points through various actions, including getting your friends to sign up to Green Redeem.