Transition Free Press Issue 1


Members of Ealing Transition have been busy this week distributing hard copies of the fantastic new quarterly broadsheet ‘Transition Free Press‘:

The Transition Free Press provides a clear voice reporting on the growing movement to build low carbon, regenerative, and resilient communities. With the Transition movement clearly in focus, Transition Free Press will also report on developments in new economics, relocalisation, food and energy security, social and environmental justice. Unlike the mainstream media, the Transition Free Press will deliver an alternative view of the world, one that isn’t controlled by corporations or wealthy individuals.

If you’ve not managed to find a print version, you can also read an electronic version of the paper 

If you would like to support the paper on an ongoing basis, you might want to consider backing the paper’s crowd-funding campaign, or subscribing. Details of how to participate can be found at:

Nature Walks with John Wells

John Wells is a local naturalist and friend of Ealing Transition. He leads regular walks around the borough to help people gain a deeper appreciation of nature. There are three walks remaining on his current programme. We will post his next schedule as soon as we have it.

Saturday, 2nd, February, 2013 1.15/1.30pm, Perivale Wood

Subject: An introduction to the structure, biology, identification of mosses, liverworts and lichens.
Meet: Outside Perivale Station 1.15pm or 1.30pm in the hut at Perivale Wood.
Public Transport: Underground – Perivale Station (Central Line) or bus 297.
Notes: Bring a x10 lens (if available).
Fee: this walk is given on behalf of The Selborne Society. You can join for £4 or make a small donation to the Society on the day.  

Date: Saturday 9th February 2013, 11am, Hounslow Heath  

Subject: Winter buds & epiphytes on the heath.
Meet: 11am at Hounslow Heath car park.
Public Transport: Buses 116, 117, 235 and 237.
Fee: This walk is given on behalf of L.B. of Hounslow. PLEASE NOTE HOUNSLOW COUNCIL WILL CHARGE £4 (ADULT) AND £2 (CHILD) FOR THIS EVENT.

Date: Sunday 10th February 2013, 2pm, Gunnersbury

Subject: An introduction to the structure, biology and identification of mosses, liverworts & lichens
Meet: 2pm at the hut in Gunnersbury Triangle local nature reserve.
Public Transport: Underground – Chiswick Park Station (District Line), bus 440 or buses 27, 237, 267, 272, 391, E3, H91 to Turnham Green Church then 5 minutes walk.
Note: This walk is given on behalf of the London Wildlife Trust.

Please note you are responsible for your own health and safety during these walks

Help us to Eradicate Ecocide

end-ecocide-horizontal_enSome of you may be aware of the pioneering work of Polly Higgins, and her proposal to that the United Nations should accept ‘Ecocide’ – the damage and destruction of ecosystems – as a fifth ‘crime against peace’. Such a move would allow eco-crimes to be tried at the International Criminal Court, and could have a profound effect on industries blamed for widespread damage to the environment like fossil fuels, mining, agriculture, chemicals and forestry. Supporters also believe it could be used to prosecute climate deniers who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change. Incredibly, corporations have ‘rights’, but the planet that sustains them doesn’t.

Now, a European Citizens Initiative has been launched. This is not just another petition; it is one of the first initiatives of this kind to be successfully lodged and was launched yesterday at the European Parliament.

Once 1 million signatures have been collected, both the European Commission and the European Parliament are obliged to consider setting in motion the legislative process to end Ecocide

Ealing Transition supports this important initiative. You can help by adding your name to the petition at, press ‘sign now’ and follow the instructions

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