Insulate Ealing – Secondary Glazing Practicals

IMG_0719Our Secondary Glazing Practicals give you a chance to learn how to install cheap and effective secondary glazing yourself.

The type of glazing you will learn to install is most suitable for application to period properties with single glazing, e.g. Ealing’s numerous Victorian and Edwardian era properties, and, since it is invisible externally, it may be installed in conservation areas, where standard modern double glazing units are prohibited.

Benefits of this type of glazing include:

  • reduced “cold spots”
  • reduced draughts
  • reduced condensation (stops fungus, wood rot and rust)
  • greater comfort
  • energy saving

The estimated energy saving pay-back period is between 2.5 and 3 years.

The workshops are free, require the minimum of existing skills, and are open to all. We’ve been doing these workshops for over a year: to give you an idea of what it involves, here’s a report from a session we held back in February.

If you wish to take part, please fill in the contact form below; we require a few more details from you than normal, since the sessions can be tailored for those attending, and also because they take place at private homes. We will not share the details with any other organisation, and the details will be used by us solely in connection with the workshop you attend, and not for other purposes.

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