The Climate Race Film: Community Feedback

Having watched the film, ‘The Climate Race’ which shows the why and how of reducing carbon emissions to zero, participants discussed their top local priorities and personal intentions in response.

Proposed local plan priorities

• Priority to retro-fitting housing with insulation to reduce domestic emissions and fuel costs, which would benefit residents directly and also create local accessible employment.

• Council to facilitate free assessments for householders to provide guidance, plans & proposals for home owners & tenants to follow, as funds become available, to implement the works to reduce domestic emissions.

• Promote local and community renewable electricity generation given the need to massively increase the production of electrical power to replace other dirty sources, including facilitating local grids.

• Apply zero emission standards to all new buildings and refurbishments.

• Council Tax reductions for energy efficient homes also being conditional on supply being from renewable sources, as incentives.

• Establish extensive ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’ throughout the borough to provide local benefits of low pollution and safer streets to residents.

• Announce a specifically dated commitment to the ending of parking permits for fossil fuelled vehicles across the borough in line with the government targets to end sales by 2034 and support the provision for neighbourhood level electric vehicle clubs/hubs.

• Create integrated safe cycling infrastructure across the borough to facilitate safe and healthy carbon free travel for all. Covid lockdown has shown that if there is opportunity for safe cycling, it will be used.

• Since over 30% of carbon emissions globally are from food, promote local sourcing and locally run food businesses & include effective waste reduction for food businesses within their licencing terms.

• Ensure Council services and schools use green supply chains & produce, as a condition of contract.

• Ensure protection and preservation of allotments and all current green spaces, in public & private ownership through planning protections.

• Increase street tree planting and create new mini forests including re-wilding Warren Farm.

• Ensure widespread and effective public education and publicity to enable the plan to be seen as necessary, possible and positive for all.

Personal actions and commitments included:

• Joining with local groups and networks to work for the implementation of the Climate and Ecological Action Plan.

• Engage directly with the Council’s consultation on the Climate & Ecological Action Plan to support and develop it.

• Share own commitment and energy with family, friends & neighbours.

• Engage with my local councillors to ensure their active support for the Climate Plan.

One thought on “The Climate Race Film: Community Feedback”

  1. Thanks to all involved in declaring climate emergency and starting to think about Solutions that Ealing Council can adopt and getting the community involved.

    I think from my research that reducing meat consumption (as recommended by UN IPCC and other experts) & being vegan is one of the best ways each individual can reduce their carbon emissions footprint dramatically.

    I can explain why in more detail later but for now I notice with great joy that Enfield Council has taken some good action to promote veganism at all their public events. Maybe Ealing can do the same as a step in the right direction. .to set an example to residents and help start more open dialogue about the damaging effects of animal agriculture on our environment and it’s contribution to Climate change.

    Eating animals has also caused the pandemic, resulting in huge suffering and loss of lives all over the world. Intensive animal agriculture causes water shortage, pollutes land and water (with chemicals and excrement), causes antibiotic resistance, (due to routine overuse of antibiotics on the animals), world hunger (because the grain fed to animals instead of people) causes deforestation, environmental degradation, endangers many species and could result in our extinction, if not halted soon!

    Much more info available. …

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