Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Connected. Stay active.

We are suspending our regular meetings in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We hope that all of our members will stay safe and well. In the meantime, stay in touch with us via our web site, our facebook page, by email and by twitter. Feel free to set up your own virtual groups and initiatives and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.

The Transition Network focusses on community – specifically communities coming together to solve problems and build resilience. That message may seem ironic during a period of social distancing and self-imposed isolation, but there is no contradiction – we can still remember our neighbours, and use phone, email, and social media to stay connected and support each other. We can also use this time to think about how we would like our communities and national life to change for the better.

One of the guiding principles of the Transition Movement is ‘imagination’: reimagining and rebuilding our world for the better. The coronavirus has shown us that we can work together nationally and globally to meet an urgent challenge. It has also showed us that our current way of life is vulnerable to disruption from the smallest, most unpredictable of causes. It has provided opportunities for the better angels of our nature to organise and support vulnerable members of the community.

Once the coronavirus outbreak has passed, there will be a need for rebuilding and regeneration. At that time, let’s be ready to demand policies and actions that preserve the health of our communities, our environment and our planet.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected. Stay active.

One thought on “Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Connected. Stay active.”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to update us with such a positive message. I plan to do what I can while this is going on… already the kindness of friends and strangers is making an impact on daily life. Then, when we’re able to function more ‘normally’ I mean to take more direct action. Ali

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